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   Founded in 1992, in the domestic heater business, PUC Perfect Union Co., Ltd. is an industry leader. At the time only Germany and Japan could supply the world PTC heaters; while PUC Perfect Union Co. co-operated with an OEM to develop the heating element and in response to a request from a large French company, PUC Perfect Union Co. came out with a larger heater incorporating more features than the standard models on the market at the time. "Our business model was very different from the traditional local company in the early nineties. Instead of supplying components, we manufactured consumer end-products; in fact we developed a full range of heaters for the European market," explains Ching Chan, president of PUC Perfect.

  As sales channels in the pre-standardization EU were difficult to extend; because of the limits of standards within each country's borders. PUC Perfect Union Co. looks to the US in 1997 exploiting the chance to work with the two major companies; designed and manufactured a wide range of heaters. These companies are the famous brands King of Fan and Pelonis, inventor of the PTC ceramic heater.

  Annual combined world-wide orders led to the production of 800,000 sets high-end heaters at PUC Perfect Union Co. facilities in Guandong, China.
  PUC Perfect Union Co. is located in Sanchung, Taipei suburb, with 17 employees. The company also has 10 engineers and QA staffs at its manufacturing sites in Canton Province, Mainland China.
  All our products are designed in-house. With our experience engineering term, PUC Perfect Union co. is not only an OEM, ODM has already been practiced for years and total satisfaction has been grant from all our customers.


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