About Us   Type:   Foldable Electric Mobility Scooter
  What's New   Model:   i3
  Products   Number of Tires:   4 Solid Wheels
  Electric Mobility Scooter   Keys:   2 PCS
  Peripheral Products        
  i3   Total Weight (w/Battery):   57 lbs
  Peripheral Products   Maximum Capacity:   300 lbs
      Front Wheel Size:   7”
  Sous- Vide        
  MY 101        
  Ceiling Fan   Rear Wheel Size:   8”
  BLDC   Seat Options:   Standard 16”W x 15”D
  Industrial/Commercial Brushless DC Premium 18”W x 18”D
      Ground Clearance:   3”
  Heater   Length:   37” (unfolded)
  Wooden Box Heaters   Width:   18.5”

Industrial Heaters

  Height (Steering Handlebar):   36.5”
  Infrared & Household  Heaters   Steering Handlebar Angle:   Adjustable with variable angle
      Seat Height:   22” from ground
  AIR Circulator    Motor:   200W
  New Green Products (BLDC)   Battery:   25.2V/11.6 AH Lithium Battery
  Commercial & OSC   Battery Charger:   DC29.4V 2A Off-Board Automatic
Protection Charger
  Mobiles Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
  Blowers     Battery Flight Mode:   Yes
  Attic & Gable Fan     Backup Beep:   On/Off
  Portable Handheld Misting Fan     Frame Structure:   Aluminum with Automobile-Grade
Body Kit
  Miscellaneous     Cellphone Charger:   5V/0.5A


Exhaust Fans   Front Safety Light:   LED White
    Rear Safety Light:   LED Red
        Braking System:   Electromagnetic Brake
        Drive System:   Rear Wheel Drive System with
Freewheel Option
  Contact Us     Speed:   Up to 4 miles an hour
        Travel Range:   Capable 14miles and more
        Turning Radius:   59”
        Maximum Incline Angle:   Up to 8 degree
        Storage Compartment size:   2.5 W x 8”L